The ENERGIS Advantage

ENERGIS is a comprehensive software tool for enterprise business process control (production balances, planning, billing, cost allocation, technical controlling, production management, business process modeling). ENERGIS is a unique software solution, which allows real-time monitoring of energy flows and it has been successfully used for more than 25 years and has generated in excess of $1.5 billion of energy savings to our clients.

ENERGIS guides you through using your resources to their maximum potential, helps you saving money and environment, and enables you to become the global leader in energy management, get several steps ahead of any competition and stand out in the field of energy efficiency.

  • Encouraging the independence and embracing the uniqueness of each user
  • Tailoring and constantly revising the best possible solution
  • Delivering the most accurate, reliable and practical information
  • Enabling the existing software and hardware to be integrated in the system
  • Becoming both a data warehouse, as well as a tool for measures and actions
  • Bringing energy and money savings in real-time 24/7 

ENERGIS is a trusted software tool that makes sense out of your data. Fed with information relevant to your field of business (on energy consumption, production, supply management, shifts, appliance characteristics, standards, etc.) it turns the numbers into valuable information: creating forecasts, issuing warnings, producing reports, keeping your plans on track. ENERGIS works in real-time at and is accessible from any device through all major operation systems.

The key reason behind the success of ENERGIS is that it represents virtually zero risk and maximum gain for its users. ENERGIS is not an experiment with your money: with ENERGIS-based solution, there is no need for trial and error. Yet, the system remains flexible and offers customization on various levels, from security settings to graphic design of the user interface. Our clients typically reach a reduction in energy costs of at least 10% with a payback of less than 2 years.

Effective management of the energy production and distribution
Objective calculation of energy consumption costs within the facility (or company-wide)
Minimize the loss of energy during distribution by identifying leakage points
Optimization of resource planning function
Ensure an integrated global data-acquisition environment
Centralize maintenance dispatching for the entire company
Effective control of distribution network (steam, hot water, electricity, water, gas, etc)
Maximize machinery usage / up-time
Meet environmental regulations

Monitoring – ENERGIS enables the display of the stored data in a graphical interface, i.e. the actual measured values as well as archived values in different time levels from 1 minute to annual values. Using this graphical interface it is possible to create screens exactly according to user’s requirements, including an interactive run up of the other internal functions of the ENERGIS.

Trends – ENERGIS enables to archive data for an unlimited period of time according to HW capacity of the central server. The WebGraf function serves for handling and displaying these data.

Load charts – This function enables the monitoring of the consumption curves of electric power or gas. Fifteen-minute, hourly or daily load charts are available for demand, supply or combination of both. The function evaluates the current status of consumption, its forecast at the end of the interval and warns the user about possible exceeding of the contracted consumption limit, including a recommendation of consumption reduction. ENERGIS also enables automated consumption control, so that the contracted consumption limit could not be exceeded.

Warnings – According to the data model setup parameters the system evaluates data completeness, exceeding of limit values, errors in data processing or failures of the individual parts of the system. These events are stored in data warehouse and subsequently made available for reports. For certain events the system requires an interactive acknowledgement of the user. Should the need arise, these events can be directed to different end equipment of the user, e.g. e-mail address or cell phone.

Targeting – ENERGIS enables input and adjustment of planned values from the level of an hour for all stored data points. Either internal functions of the ENERGIS or special SW modules connected to the data storage using web services are used to create a plan. Targeting function then allows comparing the actual values with the target, calculates the forecast and per the setup parameters warns the user about the possible variation from the standard condition. Outputs of this function are available in a table and graphical display.

Billing – This function fully covers the needs of a energy supplier in the billing area. It supports invoicing of all kinds of energy, evaluates variations from the contracted demands and capacity exceeding. For pricing the individual energy, the price lists that permit also setup of tariff and multi-component price are used. Outputs are usually directly linked with the accounting module of the financial informational system so any negative influence of a human factor during data transmission would be prevented.

Technical controlling – This function serves for an objective allocation of energy and raw material consumption to the individual cost centers, including a financial statement. Pricing of the individual energies and raw materials is done using the inter-company price lists which enables setup of tariff and multiple-component price. Outputs are usually directly linked with the accounting module of the financial information system so any negative influence of a human factor during data transmission would be prevented.

Energy intensiveness – This function enables monitoring and evaluation of energy intensiveness on all levels of the company structure (management, cost center, company, etc.). Using a regressive analysis it is possible to set up consumption standards and subsequently evaluate their fulfillment.

Distribution – This function fully covers the needs of a local distributor of electrical power. It secures the collection of data from meters, analyses correctness of collected data, prepares the data for transmission to the market operator and communicates with the market operator.

Production balance – The data and functional models setup in ENERGIS directly support the balance and production evaluation processes. The user can use standard output reports divided per the given data point or per organizational division and time levels from 15 minutes up. Compiling of information into a standard output report and the implicit setup of appearance can be made by each user or these rights can be limited to the level of a system administrator. Should the need arise, any types of the HTML format forms can be added to the system and display information in any time level, possibly in different time levels. Compiling of such forms requires only knowledge of an HTML generator (e.g. MS FrontPage) and an administrator tool ENERGIS. Also, the current output reports in MS Excel or MS Word can be added into the ENERGIS.

Capacity utilization – The ENERGIS allows monitoring of how the production equipment capacity is used. From 15 minutes time level the user has the possibility to monitor, whether the given facility is in operation, reasons for its downtime, and mutually compare the given facilities.

Emissions – The ENERGIS enables processing and evaluation of all emission values according to the valid legislative on daily and monthly levels. Necessary output forms can be set up from the user interface of the ENERGIS.

Features of ENERGIS

Open architecture
Independent of data source hardware, operating system, and database. Can be implemented with SAIA, LandisGyr, Honeywell, Siemens, ABB, Compaq, Sun, HP, IBM, Linux, Unixs, MS Windows NT, Progress, Oracle, SQL Server, Wonderware, RTX, Procontrol P, Control WEB, …
Advanced program package
25 years of continuous development of software and its philosophy. Proven implementations in the energy, petrol-chemical, and manufacturing industries.
Data security
Access to data and functions protected by user ID / password.
Multilingual versions
Currently available in Czech, English, French, German, Japanese, Polish and Slovak.
Fault tolerant
Prevention of data loss caused by operating system failure.
Modification of parameters
Easily maintained by the user.
Limitless. Can be re-configured to accommodate organizational changes within the company, data sources, and amount of users.
Detailed analytical capabilities